Tuesday, 2 May 2017

This and That

Yesterday I published the fifth pattern in my series of mini knitted quilts; each one is about the size of a postcard and together they make a lovely woolly calendar. So, here's the May Quilt ...

As you can see, I went for lots of saturated colours with this one. England is very green at this time of year - the grass is a wonderful luscious colour and all the trees are coming into leaf - so I thought I'd reflect that in this little quilt. Mind you, it's hailing at the moment but we'll gloss over that. The tiny butterflies are very quick to knit but they took a-g-e-s to design. The smaller something is, the harder it is to make it look like anything other than a blob.

I haven't make the matching fabric quilt for my daughter yet (sorry about that Rose) but I'm hoping to get it done this week. I'm also behind on the big Christmas pattern and next year's KAL but never mind. There are baroque trills to be wrestled with on the violin and other crafts to do.

Speaking of which ...

... I've finished my Double Ended Crochet Scarf. Isn't it lovely? I really like the way the two sides are so different; even the edges are pretty. I really enjoyed making this and am resisting the temptation to start another project until I've got a bit more time.

I spent the evening yesterday rooting through lots of old picture books to find some of my favourites. The Federation of Children's Book Groups is celebrating National Share-a-Story Month in May and are asking people to tweet about some of their favourite children's illustrators, working through the alphabet one day at a time. Today is 'B' and I've found these three:

Jan Brett, this is one of our favourite Christmas books
Nicola Bayley
Raymond Briggs

There are so many wonderful books illustrated by Raymond Briggs but this is one of the best. I've got a big pile of books ready to photograph for the rest of the alphabet, although some letters are harder than others. I have yet to find a book illustrated by anyone whose last name begins with a 'Q' or an 'X' ...

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