Monday, 8 May 2017

Cat Meets Dog

Poor Linnet had her first run in with a dog yesterday. My neighbour came round to explain that a visiting dog had gone for her and that she was now at the top of the tree in my garden, hissing and growling.  So, after standing on top of a wobbly ladder for about twenty minutes talking to her, I managed to get her out of the tree. The concerned neighbours had to pretend not to watch as she's frightened of people so that of course made it worse.

I then tracked her down to the top floor of the house and added insult to injury by sponging her with warm water. She had blood on her fur and I was trying to work out how badly she was hurt. In the middle of this tricky procedure the kitten arrived and started hissing at her. I think he could smell how frightened she was but it didn't help! I couldn't find any obvious wound so I left her in peace to calm down.

She spent the evening in the hospital wing (my daughter's bed) and this morning seems fine. She ate her breakfast and then finished off the kitten's too so there can't be much wrong with her. As yet, she hasn't ventured outside again. At least she will now know to treat dogs with caution which isn't a bad thing.


  1. Poor Linnet! Perhaps you'd better start 'It has four legs and a tail but that doesn't make it a cat' lessons for her.

    1. Yes, good idea. Neither of them has ventured outside today, obviously Linnet is too scared and if it's good enough for Linnet ...

  2. Poor Baby! I have ?# of cats and they all love all over my greyhound. So when some of them go outside they think all dogs are like my Cotton. Glad all is well. I am new here so Hello from Tennessee!

  3. Hi Lisa, yes I think it was probably her first encounter with a dog. At least she'll be more wary in future ... that is if she ever plucks up the courage to go outside again!