Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Sad Story of Mabel (with a happy ending)

In case you're thinking that Mabel is a previously unmentioned member of my family, I should explain that she is in fact my laptop. All my laptops have been called Mabel - apart from my small one which is of course Mini Mabel.

Anyway ... last week Mabel's hard drive broke - just like that. Luckily she was still in warranty but I was more worried about all my data. Which is where the wonderful people at Quickfix Computers came in. I took her down to their computer hospital (I'm sure that's the correct technical term) and they rescued everything for me. I was so impressed and yes, the first thing I did when I got her back was to back everything up.

So, I'm back in business now. Mini Mabel did her best but I'm no good at writing on a small screen. Lots of blog posts in the pipeline ...

In the meantime, you should have seen Tolly the kitten in the garden this morning. This is his first summer and he's enjoying being outdoors (as long as I'm nearby of course). Today he kept running at full tilt from one end of the garden to the other, obviously just for the sheer joy of it. Tomorrow I may get the bubble machine out and see what the cats make of that.

Linnet is still a bit anxious outdoors after her run in with the dog the other week but is otherwise fine. I discovered that the blood on her fur came from the dog who managed to lose a tooth trying to bite her. Cat 1, Dog 0 I think.

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