Sunday, 5 March 2017

The Outside World

Tolly:      Hey, Linnet - come and see this. Human Number One has opened the back door!
Linnet:    All right young kitten, I'm coming.  What's she doing?
Tolly:      She's just standing there shivering. What do you think she wants?
Linnet:    Difficult to say - odd creatures, humans.

Tolly:     Smells different out there, should we go out?
Linnet:   Careful now, it might be a trap.
Tolly:     I think I can just get get my front paws down on to the step ...

                       (Small gust of wind, runs back inside)
               ... perhaps I'll leave it for another day.
Linnet:   Good idea, let's go and see if she's put any more food out.

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