Friday, 3 March 2017

Big Yellow Friday

Today is Big Yellow Friday, the annual big fundraising day for the Children's Liver Disease Foundation. This is the charity I have been supporting through my knitting and crochet designs right from the beginning. With the help of many lovely people, I have raised over £15,000 so far for this very worthwhile cause.

Two children in the UK are diagnosed with a liver disease every day. The causes are unknown, there is no cure and these diseases are life threatening. Treatment involves a lifetime of care and medication, often including one or more transplants. The CLDF raises funds for vital research and supports the whole family of a child with liver disease, including after the death of a child.

I chose this charity to support because of Alex, my friend's son who was born with biliary atresia nearly nineteen years ago. Alex has had the 'normal' childhood of someone with a liver disease - lots of medication and a school career interrupted with regular stays in hospital - but is now in his first year at University. I know that CDLF have given his whole family a great deal of support over the years, as they do for so many.

You can donate to the CLDF on their Website or via my Fundraising Page. Any amount, however small, is gratefully received. Together we can really make a difference.

I thought I would leave you with Harry's story ...

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