Thursday, 23 March 2017

Socks, Socks and More Socks

I love knitting socks. I nearly always have a pair on the go; they're very handy for train journeys as they don't take up much space. I knit socks in various sizes, ranging from the small (which fit me) to the frankly ridiculous (he knows who he is).

All of these are variations on my own basic sock pattern which I've been thinking of turning into Frankie's Knitted Stuff patterns. Would anyone be interested in a plain sock pattern? In case you were wondering, it is possible to knit a pair of socks to fit someone who takes size 12 shoes with 100 g of sock yarn - just. That little ball of  yarn is what I had left. 

At the other end of the scale I've also been knitting these little polka dot stockings lately.

These are just 9 cm tall and I shall be attaching them to Christmas presents later in the year. I knit mini stockings to go on all my presents every year and put little chocolates in them. I've used my Mini Stocking pattern up until now but decided it was time for a change this year. This new pattern will be published in the autumn.


  1. Love the polka dot stockings - they'll definitely be on my to do list for Christmas

    1. What I like is that, because of the slip stitch, they have a bit of 'body' so they look good even without anything in them. I was thinking of publishing the pattern in October or November.