Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Cats

Remember when I told you how well my two rescue cats were getting on? Here they are, cuddled up together a few weeks ago ...

Well, now Linnet has gone back to hissing at the kitten and not letting him come near her. Tolly went to the vets yesterday to be neutered (I took advantage of the Cats Protection League February offer of £5 neutering). Anyway, he was very pleased to come home in the afternoon but Linnet is now treating him as though he's a new cat.

Either he still smells of a strange and scary place or she's not as bright as I thought she was and actually doesn't recognise him! Any ideas?


Well, Linnet still isn't very keen on the kitten but she isn't hissing now so that's something. I suspect him coming home, smelling of the vets reminded her of bad times last summer when she was first rescued.

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