Sunday, 19 February 2017

A Winter Walk

A few days ago my son and I went for a walk from Stonesfield, a Cotswold village about half an hour's drive from here. It takes its name from the slate mining which took place there up until the First World War. Apparently the church bell would be rung in the middle of the night if there was a hard frost to remind people to get up and uncover the slate so that the frost could split it into layers.

Our walk began with this very old (and muddy) sunken path. There's something magical about a path that has been trodden for so long that it has sunk below the banks on either side. All those feet over all those  years ...

Much of the walk was along the bank of the River Evenlode (more mud) but it was a fine, bright day, just right for walking. There was singing and there were marmite crisps when we stopped for a rest.

Some of the first snowdrops I've seen this year

After our walk we drove to Hook Norton, home of Hooky Beer, in search of a pub for lunch. We came upon the Pear Tree Inn which is just down the road from the brewery. It's an old pub with a single, low beamed bar and good, simple food. While we were eating, the beer delivery arrived ...

Aren't those Shire horses beautiful? 

I do like a proper pub and you can't get much more traditional than a horse drawn dray, can you? 


  1. What a beautiful place for a walk! Even if it's muddy!
    I am so looking forward to warmer weather here, so that my outdoor walks can begin again. Beautiful pictures! Love the snowdrops! I am still waiting for mine to poke their way out of the frozen ground.

  2. I prefer walking in colder weather (although it's better when the mud is frozen!). In Summer it can be too hot. Spring and Autumn are pretty good though.