Thursday, 9 February 2017

Building Bridges

As I walked round Hazelborough Wood in the mud today, I was singing 'Building Bridges'. It's a song I learnt from an inspiring group of Woodcraft Folk last weekend and I can't get it out of my head. Here are the words:

Building bridges between our divisions,
I reach out to you as you reach out for me.
With all of our voices and all of our visions
We can make such a sweet harmony.

And here is a short film of a Midlands Woodcraft Folk group singing it as a round. At the end of the film they also sing 'Link Your Hands Together' which is sung at the end of each Woodcraft meeting.

'Ish ash osh' is how Woodies count in to their songs - I think the words are from a Native American language but I'm not sure. Perhaps someone out there knows? 'Building Bridges' made me think of Jo Cox and the work that she did to bring people together but, really, it's a song for all of us, at all times.


  1. Isn't it? I might talk about other Woodcraft songs as and when the fancy takes me.