Wednesday 15 May 2024

Mum's Knitted Bags

My latest pattern is not actually mine at all but was one of my Mum's.

Mum could turn her hand to any number of different crafts but, in later years, she was pretty much a full time quilter. When all her quilts finally have a proper place to live, I'm looking forward to showing them all to you. Be warned, it might take a while.

She did have a phase of knitting bags though, some from patterns but mostly making them up as she went along. I've got a few of those too ...

That bright stripey one with the flowerpot buttons was one of her favourites. It was nice and big and she did like to carry lots of things with her when she was out and about. 

Do you see the little blue and gold one peeping out just below that bag? This is the one that I'm going to talk about today. Mum actually wrote down her notes for this one so I thought it would be nice to publish it as a pattern.

It's knitted in the round in a combination of garter stitch and stocking stitch and has a pleasing shape. Mum used one of these to hold her knitting tools and another one for one of her many appliqué projects. She would machine sew in the day and hand quilt in the evening while watching television but she also had little collections of apliqué blocks in progress complete with scissors and threads all over the place ... just in case. There was normally one in the glove box of the car ready for picnic sewing.

All of Mum's bags were lined ad she liked using bright fabrics for this. This one has a beautiful Batik lining.

So, over the last couple of weeks, I've been knitting some of these bags and playing around with the pattern a bit to get it ready to publish. I've tried not to change very much so that it's still her design but I did change the purl garter stitch to knit as most people find that easier (including me).

This is the first one I made. It's bigger than hers which were all knitted with DK weight yarn. I used James C Brett Chunky for this one which is more of an aran weight really and the finished bag is about 23 cm or 9" tall.

The button was from Mum's button box and I used some another of her Batik fabrics for the lining.

Then I thought I'd try out the pattern with different weights of yarn to give different sized bags. The medium size one is knitted with King Cole Bramble DK and the little one is thin sock yarn left over from my Basic Socks pattern.

These are quick to knit and don't use much yarn. I'm sure you could find a use for any one of them. The pattern, as normal, is free to download from my ravelry designer page. The link to the actual pattern is after the next photo. 

Ann's Pockets

Before I go, here's where Tolly has been while I've been writing this ...

... as high as he can get in this very high room. This time he managed to get up there without knocking anything down; last time he dislodged two knitted donkeys and an angel en route. He does love to climb. Yesterday I had to remove him from the outside sill of my bedroom window - it's two floors up! - given that he jumps at sudden noises, I didn't think that was the safest place for him to be.


  1. What great little bag for my (several) socks on-the-go. Thank you. I knit in the car as a passenger, and usually for long distances (living in Australia), so I cast on and knit the rib at home, knit the leg in thr car, heel turn at home, foot in the car, toe and finish at home. I can have 3 or 4 socks on the go at any one time, so these sock-shaped bags look ideal. Thanks, Frankie! Wish my Mum's button tin hadn't gone to the op shop. What a lovely memory for you of your Mum.

  2. Thanks Georgie. I knit locks of socks too. One of the people I knit them for has size 12 feet and hand knitted socks are the only ones big enough for him. They do take a while though!

  3. These are lovely as are all your patterns. I am new to finding your beautiful patterns and can’t wait to begin to knit them. I am starting with the 10 stitch blanket and I may tackle these as well. Thank you for allowing free access to your patterns. I really helps us novice knitters.

  4. Oh good, I'm glad you've found my patterns and I hope you enjoy knitting them. If there's anything you don't understand, just ask.

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  6. Hi Frankie, I was delighted to find your ten stitch hat for my next knitting club pattern. I have done the central circle with 8 pie patterns but I'm stumped ast how to begin the build up for the 9 St's of the next round. I don't understand K1 join, K1 and so on. What am I missing and is there a video anywhere of these increase rows.
    I'd love to get going on it if anyone can help.

  7. Hi Josephine, details on how to work the joins are at the bottom of page 3 of the pattern and other useful stuff is on page 2. If you're still stuck there are lots of people able to help on my Frankies Knitted Stuff ravelry group.