Saturday, 7 July 2018

In Search of Badby Wood

On Tuesday I packed a picnic and set off to explore some local woods that I've never actually been to before. Badby Wood is near Daventry in Northamptonshire and is best known for its displays of bluebells in the Spring. There are also badgers to be seen if you go late in the day and are prepared to wait patiently.

I decided to park outside the village and walk across the fields to the woods from a handy lay-by on the main road. There was a gentle breeze as I set off across this barley field so the walking was quite comfortable.

Is that the wood I see ahead?

It was but there were a few obstacles to deal with first. Like this overgrown stile ...

should have taken my secateurs with me

... and more than one section of path swamped with ferns as tall as me ...

It was a case of arms above your head (in case of nettles) and feel the way with your feet. Every stream I saw was dried up like this one ...

But finally I reached the trees.

I'd like to say that it was cool and shady in the wood. Shady, yes but it was also really close and the air was full of thunder flies. I was quite pleased with myself though as I managed to find my way through the wood to the high point in the centre which is called Hazeley Knob.

Oak Tree

It is a beautiful wood though and I shall come back when the weather isn't quite so challenging. There were lots of trees down which gave me some extra exercise climbing over them but they're also handy when you want to sit down for a rest.

I walked back to the car along a slightly different path so that I could see this ...

This is a small earthworks known as Badby Grange which dates back to the 13th century. As you can see, it's completely overgrown now but, if you venture inside, you can still see its shape.

After walking in the heat I was glad to get back to my air-conditioned car. I called in at Banbury Antiques on the way home for a pot of tea and came away with this lovely little collection of old buttons ...

I'll add these to my rainbow button jars.


  1. You are lucky to have such a lovely place to visit. the woods look quite magical. I love your button supply too. It's hard to pick a favorite colour or style. they will add something special to whatever they are sewn on.

  2. Yes, I always think there's something special about walking in woods - that and by water are my favourites. As for the buttons, I especially liked the fact that they were mostly non-shiny buttons. I think I'll add one of the metal ones to my charmstring too.