Friday, 6 July 2018

Half a Blankie

We're now halfway through knitting Frankie's Blankie on my Frankie's Knitted Stuff ravelry group and the blankets are getting quite big now. Well, those that are sewn together are anyway. The sewing up fairy still seems to be a bit slow at getting round to everyone so there are quite a few piles of knitted blocks awaiting her attention.

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to share some of the different blankets that people are knitting from the same pattern. Let's start with one using the same yarns that I chose.

Pat, from the United States

Doesn't that look good? And there are as many blocks again to be added yet, each one with a different stitch pattern. By the end of this year the blanketeers will all be expert knitters.

Of course, lots of people are using different yarns for their blankets and it's lovely seeing how they all turn out. This one is knitted with yarns from Bendigo Woollen Mills and, as you can see, Dora has chosen a range of colours inspired by water.

Dora, from Australia
I think this is going to be a very sophisticated looking blanket once it's finished.

Something as simple as just changing the main colour can make a huge difference. Erika has chosen a dark grey to set off the colours in her blocks and don't they look great?

Erika, from England

Erika only started knitting her blanket recently and she's already caught up. I like the effect she's got by crocheting her blocks together too.

This next one uses Patons Merino DK with a dark brown as the main colour.

Jill, from England

Again, this looks to me like it's going to be a very grown-up blanket. Why do darker colours seem more sophisticated to me I wonder? This picture makes me want to knit something with brown, pink and green ...

Instead of using one set of colours for the whole blanket, Lida is choosing a colour theme for each month which I think is a brilliant idea. Here are her squares for April ...

Lida, from the Netherlands

... and May ...

I don't know much about this next blanket (other than it looks great) as the picture was sent to me by Marianne who translates my patterns into Danish.

Bente, from Denmark

The slip stitch patterns stand out really well when only one contrast colour is used, don't they?

Last, but definitely not least, is Jackie's blanket. She's using up stash yarn, some of which has come from her 91 year old mother who no longer knits.

Jackie, from the United States

I think the nicest thing about this blanket is that Jackie's mother is enjoying seeing its progress and talking about the different stitch patterns with her. Knitting at its best.

The last of the 50 block patterns will be published just before Christmas but, just in case everyone thinks they'll be finished by then, I'd like to remind you that there will be two more patterns in January 2019, for a plain knitted border and then a colourful edging. And be warned - that edging takes forever to knit!


  1. It is great to be all knitting on this together. I am thoroughly enjoying the making of this blankie,

  2. Where can I get the patterns for all the squares you've done? And what type of yarn do you use and/or recommend?

  3. They're all available on my ravlery design page. If you click on 'Frankie's Blankie' in the first line of this post it will take you to all the patterns published so far. I used Stylecraft Batik DK for my blanket (details in the first pattern).