Monday, 21 August 2017

Running fast ...

... to stay still - that's what it feels like I'm doing at the moment. Other sayings that come to mind are 'All work and no play', 'Time flies', 'Bitten off more than you can chew' - you get the general idea.

At the moment I'm working frantically on The Big Pattern Series for 2018 and wishing I'd never thought of it! I shall feel better once the knitting is finished and I can concentrate on the writing. As for this year's big Christmas pattern, every time I think of it I start to panic. Maybe I don't actually need to sleep?

Calm down Frankie, deep breaths ... I have actually had a few days out in the past couple of weeks which I'd like to write about but, in the meantime, what do you think of this?

This is what I was working on late last night and it's my first attempt at a knitted Granny Square. I need to try again with some bigger needles as it comes out very thick but I quite like the rippled outside edge. It takes a lot longer than a crochet one would but I think knitters who don't crochet might like it. Can anyone guess how it's knitted?


  1. Run that past me again... A knitted granny square? Now I am intrigued

  2. Yes, that's right. It's a combination of I cord and stuff I made up as I went along. It takes much longer than a crochet Granny Square and is thicker. I've made another one today using bigger needles and I think that one's better. I'm thinking of turning it into a pattern.

  3. I know some knitters who would have a go, Frankie, and I like the look of it.

  4. Thank-you. Yes, I think it might appeal to knitters who don't crochet (as well as people like me who like odd stuff). When I've got time I'll make a pattern for a square and a round coaster - not that I've worked out the round version yet, mind you!