Thursday, 14 June 2018

You can never have too many colours ...

... which is just as well because look what I bought today ...

This is a Scheepjes Catona Colour Pack which I found on my first ever visit to Wool Warehouse. I order yarn a lot from them (including that for my ongoing Frankie's Blankie KAL) but I'd never actually been there before. You aren't allowed in the actual warehouse but there's a nice showroom with yarn to stroke - tell me I'm not the only one that does that - and the staff will fetch anything you want to look at. They also have computers set up so that you can use their website to look at other colours of the yarns on display as well as checking what they have in stock.

Anyway, I went armed with a sensible list of yarn I needed for some new designs I've got planned, mostly various shades of Stylecraft Special DK. I blame what happened next on my friend Pat. I foolishly showed her this colour pack and, before I knew where I was, I'd asked them to get it down from the warehouse for me to look at. I was dithering over it (£62!) when Pat (yes, her again) produced a code from a knitting magazine for 10% off. Well, what could I do? Obviously I bought it. Want to have a look inside?

In case you're thinking that's a lot of yarn, I should mention that you can only see the top layer in this photo. There are two more underneath. Catona is a 100% cotton yarn, roughly 4 ply in weight and these little balls weigh just 10g each. There are a massive 109 colours in the range and you get one of each in this pack. To give you an idea of how tiny these little balls are, here's one making friends with a 100g ball of Stylecraft Special.

As you can imagine, the yarn didn't stay in those tidy layers for long.

I've just spent about an hour rootling through this colourful pile and picking out different colour combinations. Honestly it was worth buying this pack just for the fun of arranging and re-arranging all those tiny little balls of colour.

There are one or two blues and greens ...

... some reds and yellows ...

... and a few pinks and purples ...

Not quite so pretty but useful to set off all those bright colours are the browns, greys and other neutral shades.

I then played around picking out a few little groups of colours with the same sort of tones.

Saturated Colours


Bright Colours

It almost seems a shame to use them, doesn't it? I'm thinking of knitting something very simple with them, using the colours as the main draw. I foresee lots more play as I work out exactly what I'm going to do. And now, if you'll excuse me, I've got new yarn to stroke.


  1. Wow you must have rushed It would have taken me an afternoon to get through that. Lol I spent 45 minutes with the 12 skeins of lion brand new 24/7 mercerized cotton I got in the mail's new for me I haven't bought much cotton yarn. I have totes full of other yarn but no cotton. I don't think you are alone in your addiction to yarn. Just go to Joann during their January major yarn sale. Lol it's when I realized it's an addiction not only in feel but color as well. Enjoy your new yarn it looks wonderful.

  2. Yes, I don't tend to knit much with cotton so I'm a bit wary of sewing in all those ends. I have a feeling that they're more likely to come undone than yarn but I don't know if that's actually true or not. That yarn sale sounds fun, don't think we have anything comparable here (probably just as well).

  3. You are so not the only one who does that! A good yarn shop is like a good chocolate shop only better because it doesn’t “stack it on the hips” 😂 A good yarn shop is a feast for the eyes, the fingers and often for the nose