Tuesday, 12 December 2017


I've been playing around with crochet puff stitches recently (as you do) and I came up with this little flower pincushion.

Now it's quite nice but the bit I really enjoyed was the domed top with all those puff stitches. So I dived into my pile of Stylecraft Special DK and pulled out some rainbow colours (I know, I'm so predictable) and came up with this ...

It's a rainbow puffball, isn't it nice? The trickiest part was working out how to join the two halves invisibly; in the end just sewing them together with a sort of mattress stitch did the trick. 

There are seven rounds in each puffball, one for each colour of the rainbow so, naturally, I got a bit carried away and made seven of them, starting each one with a different colour.

Each ball is about 5 cm in diameter so they're just the right size for babies or for juggling. Or ... you could crochet a hanging cord and use them as Christmas baubles. Tolly cat finds they'r just right for practising his pawball skills. He's getting quite good at that, although what looks like clever tricks may just be him getting his claws caught in the ball.

As ever, you can download the free pattern from my Ravelry page. There's still time to make one or two (or seven) for Christmas.

Let me know if you'd like me to turn the pincushion into a pattern too.

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