Thursday, 26 January 2017

Images For Science

Yesterday I went to an amazing exhibition at my local museumInternational Images For Science 2016 is a touring exhibition produced by The Royal Photographic Society. As the photographs are under copyright I can't share them with you here but you can see the finalists in the competition here.

There was paint on a speaker, dancing to the music, a balloon popping in slow motion (the skin peels back rather than bursting), the milky way seen above the clouds ... The photographs were inspiring, thought-provoking and just beautiful.

After it finishes here, the exhibition will be going to Worcester, Derry, Edinburgh, London and Cheltenham. Full details are on the RPS website. You can also buy the Exhibition Guide which has 100 of the photographs, complete with detailed and interesting captions.

Has anyone else seen this exhibition?


  1. Our youngest son is a photographer and he is an art student. This would be very interesting for him.

  2. Yes, it would. It's an annual competition so you can see photographs from other years online too. I get lots of ideas for designs from the worlds of science and maths so this was right up my street.